How We Chose Our Name
The name sigmatouch is derived from using the name sigma and it’s reference to the Greek alphabet letter in lower case “ σ ”. This is a very familiar symbol and term in the world of engineering.

The term “sigma” means “surface tension” and that has some welding significance in that we deal with the surface of the welding puddle as it exists in the molten state all the time. This comes into play during the welding of a root pass and having a welding machine that is capable of recognizing the characteristics of the weld puddle in that state and reacts electrically to make for a nice transfer of power at the arc zone, thereby offering low spatter and puddle control to prevent burn through. There are other thoughts that are carried by some other meanings of the word sigma – a measure of electrical conductivity, the surface charge density in electrostatics, the standard deviation of probability distribution in statistics (causing the terminology 6 sigma, quite a popular buzzword in business circles today). All these meanings lend themselves to our use of the name and what we do with the business to represent it.

The second part of the name is “touch”. This has a couple significant meanings in this context. We feel we add a "practical engineer’s" touch to every piece of equipment that we build and work on. We plan to use touch screen controls for the control of the equipment and it's functions and that has some merit.

Our Logo:
Since we have chosen to use the small case representation of the letter sigma σ, we incorporated it into the design of the logo.
There is an inclusion of a West Highland Terrier, a “Westie” dog in the logo as well. The significance here is that we have owned a Westie for many years and this dog has a certain attitude and swagger to him that inspired me enough to consider him to represent our company. The Westie is very loyal, possesses an attitude of confidence, lets you know where he is coming from at all times, and acts as an individual not like all other dogs, he thinks he is human with very strong emotional feelings. When he walks, he prances with pride. He always feels like he is “best in show”. These are all qualities that represent our company and the attitude we are looking to portray.

Midwestern Values

We like to show that we have deep roots in the Midwest and are driven by the strong Midwestern values that were taught to us by previous generations.

Just what is a Midwestern Attitude?
This is simply the attitude and mantra of a people that were brought up with a kind demeanor and taught to look out for one another. They are taught to treat others in the same manner that you would expect to be treated.

These people are unassuming and loyal to traditions of faithfulness and constantly prove that they can be trusted. They are also very trusting that others will return the favor.

Hard Working, Level Headed, Trustworthy, Polite, Friendly.

Positive, Can-Do, Anything-Is-Possible Attitude! | Phone: 513-535-0333 | 4790 River Road Cincinnati, Ohio 45233

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