Standard Automation Control

The WSC-100 SigmaTouch weld control is a cost-effective solution to weld sequencing. Additionally, we can retrofit your current system with a new WSC-100 controller! The WSC-100 controller can be integrated with Miller, Jetline, Lincoln, Fronius, and more. Have SigmaTouch mount this control on your new seam welder!

photo of the SigmaTouch automation control display screen and buttons
Mock-up of a SigmaTouch Welding Automation start screen
Mock-up of a SigmaTouch Welding Automation operation program screen with surface travel speed, weld current, weld length, arc Voltage and wire speed options displayed
Mock-up of a SigmaTouch Welding Automation weld sequence control screen

Product Features

  • WSC-100 SigmaTouch weld control
  • Easily control the sequencing of the travel carriage
  • Push buttons for arc starting and stopping sequences
  • Touchscreen HMI interface
  • Adjustable settings include speed, start delay and stop delay
  • Rapid jog and slow jog control
  • Automatic finger release for seam welding
  • Automatic torch lift and return to home option for seam welding
  • Crater fill option for SAW welding
  • Compatible weld processes include MIG, TIG, K-Tig, Arc-Tig, Plasma and SAW
  • Multiple mounting configurations available
  • Compatible with seam welders, manipulators, lathes and more!
  • Optional remote operator station
  • Custom controls available designed to fit your application!